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I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Deena, Sara and the entire Mortgage Talent Network team for the past year. As a CEO of a relatively new international mortgage company, finding the right talent quickly is both one of the greatest risks facing our firm and one of the biggest opportunities. In Deena and her team, I have a true partner. Not a staffing firm, not a recruiter, a partner. Deena and her team took the time to learn about our business - which is both simple and complex from a global lending perspective. That dedication and genuine care is so unique in today’s Mortgage business. But the proof is in the results. The Mortgage Talent network’s processes both from a candidate vetting perspective and an employee satisfaction and retention standpoint are the likes of which I’ve never seen in my 20 years in this industry. MTN, just by doing what they do flawlessly everyday, ensures that my team can hire efficiently and that we can execute consistently on scale-driven hiring growth plans. Further, even when faced with an exceptionally difficult hiring deadline or set of desired skills, background, or experience that doesn’t fit into tidy “box,” Mortgage Talent Network delivers. Every time, early, and under budget. Running a mortgage business in multiple countries presents a unique set of challenges - Deena and her team have not only risen to the occasion of delivering despite these, but have provided thoughtful guidance along the way that has meaningful impact on our bottom line. If anyone reading this is lucky enough to be accepted as a client of MTN or is a candidate placed by MTN, rest assured that your life and your results are about to get better, easier, more enjoyable; get ready for “consistently awesome."
Thank you Deena!
All of this is because of YOU!!! Our one conversation in the summer has changed my entire life. Started as a Closer and got promoted to Closing Manager within 3 months of employment!
Thank you Deena and her wonderful staff for helping our company find such exceptional talent! We can't recommend Mortgage Talent Network enough! They promised to deliver qualified and motivated candidates matching our specific needs quickly and effectively - and they didn't disappoint.
What can I say about Wendy? Or, where do I start? Wendy is a dynamic professional who engages with people from the heart. She is charismatic, knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough while at the same time displaying tremendous leadership. She would make an effective President of The United States or a caring doctor. I think Wendy could do pretty much anything she wanted to achieve. Wendy would much rather help people in need than satisfy Wendy. What can I say about Wendy? I'll just sum her up with one word: AWESOME!
I've had the pleasure of working with Wendy recently when I found myself disrupted via a RIF layoff and must say, she made the process as easy as it could possibly go! She had recommended me to 4 different national organizations, all in different size, staff headcount and funded volumes, looking to fill similar roles but conscience of market dependent needs. From the initial consultation through a post offer acceptance follow up call, she was always available, consistently followed up to check on progress of conversations, curious of where I felt the dialogue was going and showed a willingness to share feedback on what she and her organization were receiving back from potential hiring organization. I am pleased to share that I accepted an offer from one of her recommendations and can not be more excited about the opportunity! I will now be working with Wendy and their team to identify eligible candidates in several markets in the Mid- Atlantic and Southeast US to build and grow our organizational presence in the remainder of 2022 and beyond. I would HIGHLY recommend Wendy for your staffing needs or placement services should you have a need in either of these segments in the future.
As a loan officer and producing manager for almost 30 years, I have been in the role of a recruiter and consistently recruited. Far too often, recruiters rush to offer solutions to perceived challenges that in reality do not exist. Wendy Sattam is not your typical recruiter. She asked questions, listened and took notes without even talking about another company on our first conversation. She would eventually connect me with Deena Sisson and both took a very calculated and strategic approach to matching me with a company that made perfect sense for me and the organization. Throuhgout the process Wendy was consistently followiung up and stayed in the look until the end. I am very grateful to Wendy and her company for a job well done and strongly recommend them!
Wendy and I worked together on placing my mortgage team with a new company. Her pre-qualifications process was 100% spot on and the firms (3) that she set us up with were very much aligned with our team goals. Our final decision was a difficult one as all of her recommendations were good ones. I would not hesitate to work with Wendy and her firm again and/or refer my business contact her way.

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