My sister and I were in deep conversation recently, and she said to me “Rachel, have you ever heard of the cognitive triad?”

I immediately responded with a questionable no…

And she went on to explain that the cognitive triad is made up of 3 main elements : How you think, How you behave, and How you feel.

How you think will ALWAYS effect how you behave… and how you behave will ALWAYS effect how you feel… In full 360, how you feel will ALWAYS in turn effect how you think…

So, if all these components are interconnected; How do we conquer the cycle?

Well, I think the secret to overcoming all our negative thoughts, is to recognize them as just that before they effect how we behave. And the secret to overcoming our negative behaviors is to recognize those behaviors as consequences of negative thoughts…and put them to rest before they effect how we feel.

Imagine, if we placed this cognitive triad into a business atmosphere and recognized our negative flaws successfully; how much better business men and women we would be!

What a world that would be…

-Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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