Recently, I had to analyze the dynamics of change for a particular subject.

What are dynamics for change you might ask?

Well, Dynamics for Change are issues that have been identified and are expected to have a significant impact on ‘such subject’ in the near future.

We do this by :

1. Identifying the issue

2. Finding a reliable source

3. Analyzing the dimensions of the issue

4. Recognizing its quantifiable indicators

As I was analyzing my research. I thought to myself… “How relevant is this to our own dynamics of change”

What dynamics do we require for change in our lives?

For me, I think these same steps can apply.

Dealing with the issues in our lives is one thing… but recognizing them AS issues is even more difficult.

Once those issues are identified…we NEED a reliable source… a friend that can hold us accountable to our own desire for change.

That such friend can also help in dimensioning the extent of our issue in helping us overcome it. There is nothing worse than underestimating the scale of the change we require.

Lastly, once we know our issue, have found a reliable source, and dimensioned our issue; we HAVE to search for our quantifiable indicators (Current events or facts that help us identify our issue when it arises).

This is perhaps the most overlooked step in the dynamics for change process; and undoubtedly the most important.

Although these steps aren’t required for change. They can help in facilitating it, because otherwise left unchecked… our issues become frozen in time and later have an enormous impact on our lives.

I hope this blog inspires you all to apply these dynamics to your own issues so that you might accomplish change in your life.

-Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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