Are you experiencing negative energy from 2021? Perhaps guilt? Shame? Anger? Grudge? Resentment? Did you make a New Year goal that you would put that negative energy behind you, and start the new year fresh, yet it is still creeping up on you? 

Whether these events arose yesterday, a year ago, or a decade ago – your inability of letting go is preventing you from living a full, free, and happy life. Now I know, the idea of “letting go” may be easier said than done. 

I get it, you may have experienced trauma – a psychological wound from a distressing event from stress, tension, an unhappy relationship, a difficult obligation, financial worries, an argument, or something else. With trauma, however, you may find yourself trapped on a hamster wheel of excessive and negative thoughts. You may experience great difficulty letting go of past attachments – and no matter how hard you try; you may feel as though you’re continuously drowning from being under the weight of a heavy burden. Whether it’s an attachment to a person, event, images, or something else – the pain may be flooding.

Accordingly, letting go is so important. When you can stop your negative thoughts and release your past attachments – you can tap into a joyful state and live a remarkable life. 

But what is this idea of “letting go?” Letting means stop dwelling on the past, quit worrying about the future, releasing painful memories & thoughts, shedding unhealthy habits & harmful desires, ceasing rehashing sad memories, as well as detaching from the unpleasant and/or what makes you suffer or be unhappy. 

When doing so, you’ll find yourself free from emotional burdens, obsessive thoughts, and unhappy feelings. You’ll stop taking things personally. You’ll even find yourself with greater clarity and focus – away from things and those who don’t serve you. 

How do you let go?

First is realizing that you are holding onto past negative attachments that are tying you down – so you’re gaining nothing but losing a lot. Feel them, acknowledge them, express them, and then allow them to transform. Even if you want to dwell, save yourself the pain and commit to working through them.

Second, write it and burn it. It’s not always easy to tell your mind to turn off the negative thoughts. But you can trick your mind into making the change. Grab a piece of paper and write down the negative thoughts, attachments, anxieties, worries, and beliefs holding you back from living a fulfilling life. Write them all down – pen to paper. Then, burn it – watching the flames burn the old energy. Acknowledge that you’re closing the door on these negativities and letting go. 

Third, start fresh. Focus on achieving mental clarity, self-discovery, and establishing your self-worth. Ask yourself, who are YOU? What are YOUR interests and passions? You don’t have control over others and external variables, so don’t allow them to control you. Focus on YOU and regaining your strength. From self-love activities and greater self-care to daily affirmations and mantras, it’s time to find YOU. When you love yourself again and are more aligned with who you truly are, not only will you begin taking control of past negative attachments, but you’ll gain a sense of confidence, let go of co-dependent ties, and transition away from what doesn’t serve you.

Remember: “The past does not exist, unless you draw attention to it.” – Unknown

By: Wendy Sattam

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