“Its okay to be a glow stick : Sometimes we have to break before we shine” – Jadah Sellner

What a beautiful quote… Lets read that again, “Sometimes we have to break before we shine”

Wow, I especially love this quote because if we truly think about in what context glow sticks are needed – the answer is COMPLETE darkness.

And in such darkness, LIGHT shines so. much. brighter…

Think about the darkest moments of your life. Now think about the moment when you started to see hope again. In those dark moments we latch on to such hope like our life depends on it because it is our only source of light.

Similar to wandering in a cave with no exit in sight, and catching a glimpse of the sun between rocks — What would you do? Well, I and I’m assuming you too, would run towards the light…

I think the key to being a ‘glow stick’ – is to recognize that our despair won’t last forever. 

It is a step in the process for overcoming our greatest obstacles. 

I think its important to also note that this process isn’t an overnight one. It takes time to overcome challenging circumstances and life-altering obstacles… 

But once we do, we see the beauty of our pain and take advantage of the heartache. 

All we have to do is break… and then SHINE!

– Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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