It has been one long week for the MTN family. Members of our team have lost a few close relatives and have struggled to understand the timing of it all.

In moments like these, we reflect… Reflect on the lives of the ones we’ve lost, but also our own lives. 

We ask ourselves :

“When will my time come?”

“Have I lived each moment to the fullest?”

“Have I chased after every opportunity I was given?”

“Have I chosen my dreams over my financial complacency?”

Most importantly, “If life is so short, What did I DO with mine during the in-between?”

Most of us look at life as this never-ending journey where we never run out of time… but in reality our lives are ephemeral. They pass in the blink of an eye… When most of us picture our life – we unconsciously think of the best memories we’ve latched onto throughout the course of our own history. On the contrary, when we think of death we think of loss, but almost never directly reflect on the daily dose of death we experience by not seizing every opportunity this life has to offer.

I say this because I think its important to realize that our lives are the sum of moments we’ve lived in between life and death. Moments of life – times filled with the most valuable memories and events that we choose to define us. And moments of death – times filled with sorrow, loss, and even laziness or complacency where life becomes dull.

In order to maximize our lives, we need to pursue moments of LIFE! Only then, will we truly gain the victory over this ephemeral period of time we call our lives. 

– Rachel Sisson

(MTN Digital Marketing Specialist)

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