Recently, I met with a friend and started pouring my heart out to her about all the things going on in my life.

I told her about issues in my career and how I felt like I would never reach a point of being successful.

I told her about issues with having time… Time to spend with friends and being invested in the people you care about.

I told her about issues with energy. How I constantly feel drained and unable to be productive.

When I was done being a negative nancy and had finished my complaining; she said to me :

“Rachel, I feel like you have a lot of pressure in your life. Pressure to succeed, pressure to be intentional, pressure to be productive 24/7, and overall a pressure to be great.”

I sat there and just soaked in what she had just told me… she was so right.

She then asked “Do you think some of that pressure is from other people’s expectations of you; or your expectations of yourself?”

Well, that was an eye opening question to say the least.

Some of us spend so much time adding pressure to our own lives that it keeps us from the things we actually want to achieve.

If your going to add pressure in your life, at least let it be a one track train. Use it to fuel your ambition of where you want to go, not hold you back. This only works if you have pressure on one issue, not all of them at once!

So start fresh, let go of the pressure to be great… and simply be great because you already are!

-Rachel Sisson

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