Let’s talk about the value of having perspective…I come from a highly creative background. I have a design degree, parents who love the arts, and I also have extensive knowledge of graphic design and drawing principles. In design, I was taught “Perspective” is the product of various lines that which all stem from the same horizon line. Although these lines all share a common horizon, there comes a point where perspective can no longer be seen due to the distance of what is being drawn in the background; we call this “The Vanishing Point”.

Although I am talking about physically seeing perspective, you can also analyze your inner perspective. You see…the eyes are our cameras throughout life and we choose the images we develop or dispose of. The lens can only capture where it is pointing to, and your horizon, or shared common interest, is merely a product of your posture while holding the camera.

Similarly, our inner perspective shapes your thoughts, decisions, actions and ultimately; your feeling of success! Most of the time, we have a hard time recognizing where our vanishing points lie, leaving us crippled by what we cannot see or understand. All of which could be solved if we only chose to view our current circumstance from a different point of view rather than finding complacency in our narrow-mindedness.

All of us should push ourselves to seek a broader perspective; whether its business, family, or society. Part of how we can do that is by :

  • Listening rather than speaking – seek to understand others and their motivations
  • Be Optimistic – no one likes a pessimist! Choose to see the good in everything and everyone
  • Be Grateful – Perspective can be monumentally broadened by having appreciation for what you have, because it is likely more than most people.
  • Use your Talents – let your skills shine and help someone who could benefit from them
  • Write them Down – writing down your perspective in the moment, and seeing how it changes over time can be a valuable tool for personal growth.

The more you learn to see the world with a broader perspective – the more relationships you will build, the more you will be valued as an employee, and the more opportunity you will have for success.

Let us know what you are doing to currently to seek a broader perspective

– Rachel Sisson

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