“We all know that we only live once… but if we do it right, once is ENOUGH!”

When I read this quote I immediately fell in love with it. I am in awe of it still…

Two things:

1.  Many of us use the excuse when we do something adventurous, “YOLO – You only live once”, but most of the time its used to do something idiotic or just downright not smart.

2. Some of us look back on our lives with regret for not ceasing every opportunity and living in the moment.

Both of these things are extremes and most likely won’t lead to our souls being satisfied when we get to the end of our road.

Its called “Balance”. You HAVE to keep working on yourself and your dreams until your proud.

Proud of your dreams and proud of your habits that lead to those dreams coming true.

A few habits that have helped me take advantage of life and opportunity are :

  • Networking
  • Get up early
  • Plan ahead
  • Avoid time wasters
  • Take calculated risks
  • Make your health a priority
  • Live on less than you make
  • Learn from people you admire
  • Foster meaningful relationships
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • Have a powerful and inspiring “why”
I think if we all practiced these things and tried to keep going just to see what happens…
We would be surprised by where we end up. 

We have to remember that our dreams were planted in our heart for a reason and the road to obtaining those dreams isn’t easy, but its worth the work!
So, keep going and don’t stop until you’re proud!

– Rachel Sisson
(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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