In today’s society, being a go-getter can sometimes be a negative characteristic. Oftentimes, nowadays it is implied that if you are a so called “go-getter” you are comfortable with stepping on the toes of others in order to have a successful career. 

In reality, go-getters are essential to driving progress forward no matter what field of business you’re in. The word can be translated many ways to describe innovators, hustlers, self-starters; all of which fall under the category of ambition. 

So the question remains : How do I fuel my fierce ambition to succeed without creating enemies in the workplace?

The answer lies in our approach. The best way to drive your competitive nature is to not compete with others; rather you compete with yourself and each day strive to be better than the day before. When your job becomes more about winning rather than being the best version of yourself… your probably on the wrong track; nearing closer to burning a few bridges along the way. Instead, I would encourage you to use that competitive energy as a way to take risks in the workplace. The word risk implies an unknown outcome, but more so it implies that you will be outside your comfort zone. To me, that is where the real challenge lies…

So, are you up for the challenge?

– Rachel Sisson

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