As our economy takes a strong nose dive, many people are left with questions regarding their employment. How will I pay my bills? What do I do if I can’t go into the office? And so many more…  

All the while some are faced with financial dilemmas, others are suddenly realizing the value of being home! People have saved hours of their daily lives by skipping their commute only to logon to their zoom call with added productivity time. People are starting to realize that the most important thing in life is TIME! Time with family, time to increase productivity, and time to succeed. 

While many are struggling from this economic downturn; the mortgage industry is skyrocketing in demand for loans and refi’s. Which means we have way more business than we can handle, and if mortgage professionals aren’t placed in an environment that feeds their productivity and individual culture; then our industry will suffer from it. 

It is important that we analyze these trends in the marketplace, and make decisive decisions based on our thorough investigation.  Perhaps, the most important trend is this switch to the new remote workforce in the mortgage industry. As many realize by working remotely their success has increased along with their family dynamic; many will have a hard time returning to their strict 9-5 schedules. 

The truth of our current society is that the future is digital. Therefore, the quicker we face this growing trend in remote work, the quicker we will be able to monetize from it. 

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– Rachel Sisson (Digital Marketing Specialist)

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