Have you ever walked into a hair salon to get your regular trim and decide to do something different?

You say, “I think I want to go short this time”…

The stylist gives you exactly what you asked for, and you leave the salon in complete regret wishing you had just asked for the same thing you always do.

Well.. I certainly have. 

But then something important happens…

As we get used to our new look, we start to accept it and question why we ever disliked it in the first place. Most of the time, we react this way because the initial shock of change is scary!

Its human nature to fear the unknown, and this is an okay expectation to have. However, its important that we don’t live in our fear. We have to learn to overcome it!

A lot of us live our whole lives in the same place because we fear stepping outside of our comfort zone… What a missed opportunity that is.

You can’t go where you want to in life if you don’t learn to live outside of your comfort zone.

When you get to a place you’ve never been before… Its going to be uncomfortable. Its going to be scary… but its also going to be a ride of a lifetime. The only possible outcome in this scenario is GROWTH!

Think about the best stories, whether its in a book or in a movie, they always have great plot twists that you didn’t expect to happen. 

Well, if the best stories are filled with plot twists… why do we expect our lives to be plot-less? Why do we think we don’t need change to create the best story for ourselves and our lives?

It’s YOUR story, learn to embrace the change, the uncomfortable, and the unknown. You just might create the best version of your own story!

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