A few years ago I had the privilege of hiking through the Colorado mountains for 6 days.

No bedroom, no shower, no kitchen… just our bodies and a 50 lb backpack strapped to our backs.

Half way through our climb we got to a vast open area and a sign that read “The Great Divide”

In definition, “The Great Divide is a hydrologic boundary defined by the ultimate destination of precipitation; rainfall on the western side of the Divide flows to the Pacific Ocean, while rainfall on the eastern side flows to the Gulf of Mexico.

Although this sign clearly represents a strong division… the scenery in front of our eyes felt united as if the landscape was in full collaboration.

I think this story can be a parallel to our lives now.

We face division in all aspects of life. In our career aspirations, family, politics, our nation, friendships, even in our own thoughts.

I think its important to realize that we might flow into different seas of life, but we are UNIFIED in our struggle.

We ALL face a great divide in our lives and its important to realize that other people are also facing challenging circumstances.

There is nothing more important than having a strong community and network to walk through those challenges.

If you are faced with a great divide in your career as a Mortgage Professional. Reach out to us. Find solace in the fact that there are those who want to speak on your behalf and work to create a unifying career path for your life!

-Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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