“We spend so much time on the hunt, and nothing quite does it for us…and we get so wrapped up in the hunt that it makes us miserable.” – Dan Harris

“I had everything I ever wanted. Everyone around me would say ‘you’re successful’… but in reality I was miserable”. – Ryan Nicodemus

These two men really couldn’t have said it better…

I recently watched a documentary called “Minimalism” that is about a few men who are dedicated to rejecting the American Ideal that things bring happiness and showing the virtues of less is more.

I found myself fascinated by their story, and realized that I too have fallen into the trap of black friday sales and the ideal that if I could just have everything I wanted, I would be completely happy!

What a lie.

Our society has altered our perception of what really matters.

If we constantly live in the mindset that says, “Oh, my happiness is just around the corner… Oh, as soon as I get that bonus then I’ll be able to buy what I really want, then I’ll be happy”… well then we’re really not living at all are we?

Why is it that we experience such a longing for more?

Think about why some homeowners have 3 car garages…It’s because we are wired to become dissatisfied, and our consumer culture only enables us to be more dissatisfied.

When we discover that our happiness lies in the moments where we’re ACTUALLY living, and not the things we possess.Joy, satisfaction, and true happiness are soon to follow.

I hope through reading this you can discover for yourself what it means to be truly happy, and become the minimalist of your own story.

Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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