“Enjoy the space between where you are…and…where you are going”

So many of us latch on to the idea of something better around the corner, that we forget to see the value in the now.

Most of the time, our current circumstances are what we need to be focusing on, not something happening 5 years from now.

Yes, it is okay to have future dreams and aspirations… but there is a distinct difference in having aspirations and impatiently chasing future dreams with unrealistic expectations.

All the while, our current lives are waiting for an opportunity to bless us… yet we are too consumed with our future dreams to pay attention to our current opportunities!

What a dilemma…

I think this quote is so important because the space between where you are and where you are going is the space that defines who we are.

It is everything. Current. Future. The brick and mortar of our lives!

This space allows us to discover what is wrong with where we have been, and how we can be satisfied in where we are headed.

Without this space, we are blindly chasing an altered perception in a questionable future scenario.

So, enjoy it.. Enjoy the space between where you’ve been and where you’re going.

You just might end up exactly where you need to be!

-Rachel Sisson

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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