Do you ever listen to the radio of your favorite band and then suddenly discover a whole new world of music that you never knew existed? If you have, you then find yourself diving into a whirlpool of new songs that will then be on repeat for next week… at least.

I did this recently, and in my excitement I marveled at the fact that if I would have stopped listening to my own structured playlists, I could have been discovering great music a long time ago.

I think the same thing can be said for our lives and opportunities for growth. You see, for so long we get used to playing our own tunes in life and forget that if we just let go of the satisfaction of controlling every detail of our lives; we allow ourselves to discover new things and new opportunities.

I find myself wondering… How many opportunities have I overlooked because I was too busy planning my own playlist for “Success.”

Discovering new opportunities is a lot like discovering new music… its exciting and almost feels like your listening to the pure sounds of your soul.

These sounds are unique to you and only you, and if we learn to embrace them, they can bring so much joy and growth to our life!


So today, I would encourage you to try something new, listen to something new… you just might find the sounds of YOUR soul.

Rachel Sisson (Digital Marketing Specialist)

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