1. Adaptation – If you don’t adapt to change, you’ll be left in the dust!!!!
  2. Communication – Start with a positive.  Address the negative.  Finish with a positive.  #bekind
  3. Accountability – Be a team player and always look to give first. If you dropped the ball, own that s#*t and stop making excuses.  We all make mistakes!  Learn from them.
  4. Initiative – Your boss doesn’t have time to hand-hold. Critically think/Problem Solve/Troubleshoot, etc. … Make the initial attempt to solve your problem before running to them to help you.  If you have a great idea – strategy – value-add, don’t wait for someone to ask you about it – speak up/take initiative……………………….
  5. Collaboration – Again.  Work as a team player.  Utilize the talents of others on your team and play well with others.

These are just a few of many traits, skills and other attributes that make up awesome employees. We believe these five ideas are definitely worth applying in everyday life…  Food for thought.  Keep rockin’!

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