The power of your presentation comes from within but also on paper. If you are hoping to land an interview for the career of your dreams, a well-written resume and cover letter will explain key components of your skills and represent the power you could possibly pass on to them. They are the key pieces of marketing your soul’s goal.

Writing a resume will represent you in one way and one way only, a skilled way. And, a creative cover letter will support that by resonating your character traits and excitement. You need to note that a resume is not an opportunity to talk about your personality. This is a great option to explain experience and your objective while keeping the rest separate through your cover letter. Implement that and it will stand out.

As time changes, so do resume formats. You have to be familiar with many key components of what an employer will be searching for. The general knowledge of Microsoft Word features is vital to creating a fantastic layout.

Some key components to keep in mind:

  • Always update your resume. You need to remember any new software, hardware or additional experience always looks good in your profile.
  • You need to be modern. LinkedIn is a great professional way to ensure you are coinciding your information with your online presence.
  • Research the company and apply that component to the resume somehow from the job description listed.
  • Understand that you need to represent similar clients to resonate a sense that you know their clientele already.
  • Implement the significant information, but, don’t make it too busy.
  • If you have any leadership skills, represent that team through the descriptions.
  • Represent numbers if you have them.
  • Be ready to emphasize anything you have on the resume for the interview. Memorize it.


Another component you may want to consider is creating a cover letter. This is valuable for big companies who have many candidates. You show a targeted interest instead of just a need for a paycheck. That means including meaningful information, showing the benefit you bring to a project or the company. Also, listing character traits. Take time to explain how you will excel in the position with your reliability and analytical thinking.

The concept is to market yourself and bring as much energy or power to the presentation. The paperwork is just a foot in the door, and you will have a lot more to do thereafter, but it will work if you apply these simple tasks and concepts. During the interview, ask a lot of questions to show genuine interest. Be prepared and understand your goals to ensure you are successful with landing a good fit for you, and not just them.


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